Face to Face or Online Lessons

GCSE ENGLISH 9-1 and Exam tuition

I specialise In tuition for GCSE English and consistently raise the academic performance of my students,whatever their ability.

I teach  a wide range of writing techniques, comprehension techniques and exam techniques for GCSE, Common Entrance, 11+ and Entrance Exam English.

 If you are at school or in Higher Education, and need help with your Spelling, Punctuation, Reading, Essay Structure, Academic Writing, I can help you. I have tutored students requiring support and is one of my specialist areas.
I have achieved excellent results in supporting students, improving their academic writing and improving their own literacy to a level they had not considered possible. 

I am an extremely experienced tutor in the area of phonics, having brought great improvement for students experiencing reading difficulties or whose spelling may be also affected. I teach phonics to a high level, so that even more advanced combinations of sounds can be understood. I am thorough and extremely patient,borne out of 20 years of teaching and tutoring experience.

I have experience of tutoring students both in the workplace and privately. For instance,recently I was involved in training to  improve the Writing skills of a travel writer whose language skills were preventing her from producing the high quality brochure writing, required by her company. I have also improved  the telephone and sales presentation skills of an employee in the Sales and Marketing Division of a company specialising in Banking.

I specialise in the teaching of pronunciation, as I speak with a high standard of pronunciation, and have experience in a number of areas involving the voice such as work on the telephone. I tutor pronunciation on a one to one basis, to improve this skill in native and non native speakers.


My English Tuition rates are £40 per hour